ANIMATION FINALIST - “We Will See Someday” - Nari Hong
STUDENT ANIMATION FINALIST - “Diffrerent” - Tom Fisher
STUDENT ANIMATION FINALIST - “Bigman Businessman” - Clarisse Chua
STUDENT ANIMATION FINALIST - “Burdie”  - Justina Hnatowicz
COMEDY FINALIST - “Snow Storm Roulette” - Matt Wright
COMEDY FINALIST - “Reality Check” - Tanya Huston
COMEDY FINALIST - “Coat of Arms” - Tim Kinner
STUDENT COMEDY FINALIST - “James Dies in the End”-  David Bartkiewicz
DOCUMENTARY FINALIST - “Human Portraits”- Mark Pimentel and Porfirio Fernando Castillo
DOCUMENTARY FINALIST - “Western Jubilee”- Donna Guthrie and Colin Guthrie
STUDENT DOCUMENTARY FINALIST - “When Your Words Meant Everything” - Abi Mejia
NARRATIVE FINALIST - “Love At The End Of Earth” -  Evan Morton
NARRATIVE FINALIST - “I Came From the Future” - Dave Lojek
STUDENT NARRATIVE FINALIST - “Fish” - Saman Hosseinpuor
STUDENT NARRATIVE FINALIST - “Lamb Girl” - Amy Pellouchoud
STUDENT NARRATIVE FINALIST - “Blackground” - Nic L. Kelly
LGBTIQQ FINALIST - “The 3rd Try”-  Alfonso M. Rodriguez
LGBTIQQ FINALIST - “Mom’s The Word” - Joffre Faria Silva
LGBTIQQ FINALIST - “Discreet”- David Chausse and Simon Frenay
STUDENT LGBTIQQ FINALIST - “The Queen” - Joel Jairus Ravindran
EXPERIMENTAL FINALIST - “may I ? remix#” - Vasco Diogo
EXPERIMENTAL FINALIST - “Effervescence”- Gary McCoy
EXPERIMENTAL FINALIST - “Face” - Grant Harding
STUDENT EXPERIMENTAL FINALIST - “Sweet Daisy” -  Dan Rutkowski
STUDENT EXPERIMENTAL FINALIST - “Punarjanma (Rebirth)” - Sajan Shrestha ( Satya )
VIDEO ART FINALIST - “The Fruit You Long For”- Andrea Orejarena
VIDEO ART FINALIST - “Chase Me”- Gary McCoy
VIDEO ART FINALIST - “Object”- Sydney Southam
EROTICA FINALIST - “Don't Fuck With England”- Rocket Ear

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