We are proud to announce the 2019 Official Selections.

Comedy, Animation, Documentary
Thursday, June 20th - 7:30pm
Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC

“Attack of the Potato Clock” (Student Animation) - USA
“Father and Father” (Comedy) - USA
“Yank Tug Yank” (Animation) - USA
“Lucky Bridegroom” (Student Comedy) - Iran
“Dear Amir” (Student Comedy) - United Kingdom
“Broken Brain” (Student Documentary) - United Kingdom
“Battery Remaining” (Student Animation) - United Kingdom
“Expend” (Animation) - USA
“The Deadbeat” (Comedy) - USA
“Mila and Mimi Too” (Comedy) - USA
“What We Used to Be” (Student Documentary) - USA
“My Aunt Mame” (Animation) - USA
“Ten Minutes Tops” (Comedy) - France
“Deep Sea Fishing” (Comedy) - Australia
“Boss Kiss” (Comedy) - United Kingdom
“The Trick” (Animation) - USA
“Candy's Crush” (Documentary) - New Zealand
“Tugboat” (Claude & Sue Corty Award Entry, Student Documentary) -USA
“Life Via Rail” (Student Documentary) - Canada

Narrative & LGBTIQQ
Friday, June 21st - 7:30pm
Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC

“KAALIRAATHRI” (Narrative) - India
“My Name is Malik” (Student LGBTIQQ) - USA
“Flower” (Narrative) - USA
“Terminal Love” (Narrative) - Canada
“Gay Baby” (LGBTIQQ) - USA
“Adeline” (Student LGBTIQQ) - France
“Only Friends” (LGBTIQQ) - Spain
“The Riveters” (Narrative) - Canada
“Diva” (Narrative) - USA
“Turn it Around” (LGBTIQQ) - Netherlands
“Des3ngaño” (LGBTIQQ) - Spain
“Stolen” (Student Narrative) - USA
“Cracks” (Narrative) - USA
“Asio” (Student LGBTIQQ) - USA

Saturday, June 22nd - 2:30pm
Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC

“RACE” (Student Experimental) - Russia
“The Man Who Beat The Man” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“Facing The Sun” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“Flags” (Student Experimental) - USA
“ID” (Student Experimental) - USA
“A P E X” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“Cygnus” (Experimental) - USA
“7 Frames Away” (Student Experimental) - USA
“A Sensation” (Student Experimental) - USA
“Dare 2 Disturb” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“Fucked Up Point Blank” (Experimental) - USA
“ENTRAÑA” (Experimental) - Peru
“Sad Hour” (Experimental) - USA
“It Follows” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“So Cheerio for Now” (Experimental) - United Kingdom
“Exulansis” (Student Experimental) - USA
“After” (Experimental) - USA
“Lithics” (Experimental) - USA
“I Love You, I'm Sorry” (Student Experimental) - USA
“24.12” (Student Experimental) - Sweden

“Video Art & Erotica”
Saturday, June 22nd - 7:30pm
Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC

Absolutely no one under 18 will be allowed in this screening due to content.

“INNOCENCE [Eden is for sexy dolls]” (Erotica/Adult) - Italy
“Foglä” (Student Erotica/Adult) - Switzerland
“Breath (dirty dreaz)” (Erotica/Adult) - Germany
“Don’t Drink Water From Electronic Ocean” (Student Video Art) - UK
“I Am / YaliniDream” (Video Art) - USA
“M O O D” (Student Video Art) - USA
“Sexy Toys from My Kitchen” (Erotica/Adult) - USA
“Entropy | Art film” (Video Art) - Russia
“Vows” (Erotica/Adult) - Australia
“Everything’s Grey” (Video Art) - Israel
“Lipstick” (Erotica/Adult) - USA
“Ostara” (Erotica/Adult) - USA
“Mirage” (Video Art) - USA
“Dark Spot” (Video Art) - USA
“The Pulse” (Video Art) - Brazil
“Traction/Compression (Limit)” (Video Art) - Italy
“It's Stonewall in My Navel” (Video Art) - USA
“Human Geography” (Video Art) - Spain
“all your thoughts are garbage” (Student Video Art) - Brazil
“I See You See I See You” (Video Art) - Singapore
“Her Body” (Erotica/Adult) - France
“Aftercare” (Student Erotica/Adult) - USA
“Valerie Vendetta” (Student Video Art) - Australia
“Delirium Danzanti” (Student Video Art) - Spain
“xPlace/Space:008” (Video Art) - Israel
“It Has Been Long Time Since We Last Met” (Video Art) - Turkey

Student Films From Around the World, plus
Claude & Sue Corty Award Entries
Sunday, June 23rd - NOON
Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn, NYC

Here is the lineup for the Sunday, June 23rd show:

“Grab Him By The-” (Student Comedy) - USA
“Perfect Brothers” (Student Documentary) - United Kingdom
“In the Park” (Student Narrative) - Spain
“Did You Know?” (Student Animation & Student LGBTIQQ ) - USA
“Through” (Student LGBTIQQ & Student Narrative ) - China
“Franca” (Student Narrative) - Italy
“Best in Show” (Student Animation) - United Kingdom
“Tranio + Wendy” (Student Animation) - USA
“How to Use A Dating App Properly” (Student Animation) - USA
“Mothers And Daughters” (Student Animation) - United Kingdom
“Blue” (Student Animation) - USA
“Lainela” (Student Animation) - Mexico
“Chato” (Student Narrative) - USA
“Sammea” (Student Animation) - United Kingdom
“Home Visit” (Student LGBTIQQ) - United Kingdom & Italy
“Ohana: Keep Families Together” (CLAUDE & SUE CORTY AWARD ENTRY) - USA
“Forte” (Student Experimental & Student Narrative) - USA
“Parking Lot” (Student Comedy) - USA
“A Representative Will Be With You Shortly” (Student Comedy) - USA
“Pinkish” (Student Animation) - Australia
“Casting Call” (Student Documentary) - USA
“I Like To Rap” (Student Documentary) - USA
“You Got Everything, Honey” (Student Documentary) - USA
“Waiting Room” (Student Narrative) - USA

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