“Burdie” (USA, Student Film)
“Even Caged Ducks Can Fly” (Malaysia, Student Film)
“Snow Storm Roulette” (Canada, Comedy)
“Panic Attack!” (USA, Animation)
“Western Jubilee” (USA, Documentary)
“Coat of Arms” (USA, Comedy)
“Reality Check” (USA, Comedy)
“Story of Self” (USA, Documentary)
“Perforations” (Croatia, Animation)
“Alice’s Garden” (USA, Documentary)
“Human Portraits” (USA, Documentary)
“In The Trees” (USA, Student Film)
“We Will See Someday” (South Korea, Animation)
“The God - App” (Germany, Comedy)
“SAMA” (United Kingdom, Documentary)
“Blackground” (USA, Student Film)
“Scattered” (Canada, Comedy)
“Butterflies” (United Kingdom, Comedy)
“Unmedicated” (USA, Documentary)
“Mind the Gap” (France, Documentary)
“Diffrerent” (United Kingdom, Student Film)
“The Queen” (Sri Lanka, Student Film)
“Carol” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Choice” (Italy, LGBTIQQ)
“Hopelessly” (USA, Student Film)
“The 3rd Try” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Save” (Spain, Narrative)
“Boxing Day” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Discreet” (France, LGBTIQQ)
“I Came From the Future” (Poland, Narrative)
“Osmosis” (Turkey, LGBTIQQ)
“Autumn Ghost” (USA, Narrative)
“Love At The End Of Earth” (USA, Narrative)
“Pause” (USA, Narrative)
“Queens Of Coney Island” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Medulla Oblongata” (New Zealand, LGBTIQQ)
“Mom’s The Word” (Canada, LGBTIQQ)
“Disconnected” (Germany, LGBTIQQ)
“For Your Safety” (Australia, Narrative)
“The Breath Holder” (Turkey, Narrative)
“Jim’s Introduction To Gender Identity” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Sanctuary” (USA, LGBTIQQ)
“Sweet Daisy” (USA, Student Film)
“Letter From Maggie” (USA, Student Film)
“Bakalu Studio Composition” (Portugal, Video Art)
“may I ? remix#” (Portugal, Experimental)
“The Last Embrace” (Iran, Student Film)
“Hallowstide” (USA, Experimental)
“The Turtle Terminator” (United Kingdom, Experimental)
“Meet Henry: Portrait of a Bad Man” (USA, Student Film)
“The Silents Were Golden” (USA, Video Art)
“Dream Phone” (USA, Student Film)
“Circles of Confusion” (Canada, Experimental)
“Nonoko/Kaos No Ma” (Japan, Experimental)
“Now or Never” (USA, Student Film)
“C-5-11” (USA, Experimental)
“An Unfolding Breath” (USA, Experimental)
“Phalluscies of Hygiene” (USA, Experimental)
“Indian Opinion” (United Kingdom, Student Film)
“Public Domain” (Canada, Experimental)
“Call Me If You Get This” (USA, Student Film)
“Las Manos” (USA, Experimental)
“I Am Sex - Alon Eder” (Israel, Erotica)
“Collapsing” (USA, Experimental)
“Mum” (USA, Experimental)
“Mother's Milk” (USA, Experimental)
“Face” (Canada, Experimental)
“Alexander” (Canada, Experimental)
“Cupcake” (USA, Erotica)
“Fragments” (Austria, Experimental)
“Swither” (South Africa, Experimental)
“Aquarium” (USA, Experimental)
“Don't Fuck With England” (USA, Erotica)
“Trans'Action” (Germany, Experimental)
“Chase Me” (USA, Video Art)
“Effervescence” (USA, Experimental)
“Shunga” (USA, Erotica)
“Konnichiwa Kuma-San!” (USA, Experimental)
“Cellular Activity: BEDTIME STORY” (USA, Erotica)
“Object” (Canada, Video Art)
“Ice Cream” (Canada, Video Art)
“The Fruit You Long For” (USA, Video Art)
“Horny Fruits - Wild Kitchen Dreams” (Germany, Video Art)
“Fish” (Iran)
“Bluebird” (United Kingdom)
“Every Grain of Rice” (Canada)
“The Hat” (Portugal)
“When Your Words Meant Everything” (USA)
“Date Night” (Canada)
“Where Do You Stand In The Military Industrial Complex?” (USA)
“Trap” (Turkey)
“Last Words [sic]” (Sweden)
“Void” (Canada)
“James Dies in the End” (United Kingdom)
“Punarjanma (Rebirth)” (Nepal)
“Old Bloo” (USA)
“Night Dance” (Hungary)
“A Letter To The One I Made Up” (Israel)
“Lamb Girl” (USA)
“Long Live The Art!” (Poland)
“Crystal Nights of Lust” (Spain)
“Humalog” (Austria)
“.Unnatural.man.” (Italy)
“Eggs With Legs” (USA)
“Bang Bang!” (Canada)
“Darkroom” (USA)
“Fisso” (Taiwan)
“The Story Of A Motorbike” (China)
“The Daze” (Indonesia)
“Limit” (Iran)
“Wheels of Fortune” (Australia)
“Bigman Businessman” (USA)

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